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Under my leadership, our team embodies excellence in real estate services in Montreal.

From Passion to Profession

Annie Morel Team: Passionate Real Estate Leader

Annie Morel, a team manager and residential and commercial real estate broker, has embodied unparalleled expertise and dedicated passion for the world of real estate since 2011. Her exceptional career has been marked by her constant commitment to customer service and her leadership role within her dynamic team.

Over the years, Annie has successfully built an outstanding team, composed of proactive brokers sharing the same vision and commitment to excellence. Among them are Jonathan Dazé, Paula Trindade, and Élisabeth Poirier-Thibault, seasoned professionals who contribute to the team's collective success.

As a team manager, Annie Morel has infused a culture of innovation, integrity, and dedication. Her in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, combined with her passion for meeting clients' needs, translates into exceptional service and tangible results. Her inspiring leadership and commitment to professional ethics have solidified her team's reputation in the industry.

The Annie Morel Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker team places customer service at the heart of its concerns. Each team member is determined to understand the specific needs of their clients and to guide them at every step of the real estate process. Thanks to a personalized approach and unparalleled expertise, the team strives to make every real estate transaction smooth, transparent, and successful.

Whether it's for buying, selling, or leasing residential or commercial properties, the Annie Morel team offers its exceptional know-how. With Annie at the helm, every client can be assured of receiving professional, personalized service focused on the success of their real estate goals.

The Annie Morel Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker team: your trusted partner in the world of real estate, where expertise meets passion, and where customer service remains the utmost priority.

An Experienced Team for Your Real Estate Project