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Under my leadership, our team embodies excellence in real estate services in Montreal.

From Passion to Profession

Annie Morel Team: Passionate Real Estate Leader

Annie Morel, a team manager and residential and commercial real estate broker, has embodied unparalleled expertise and dedicated passion for the world of real estate since 2011. Her exceptional career has been marked by her constant commitment to customer service and her leadership role within her dynamic team.

Over the years, Annie has successfully built an outstanding team, composed of proactive brokers sharing the same vision and commitment to excellence. Among them are Jonathan Dazé, Paula Trindade, and Élisabeth Poirier-Thibault, seasoned professionals who contribute to the team's collective success.

As a team manager, Annie Morel has infused a culture of innovation, integrity, and dedication. Her in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, combined with her passion for meeting clients' needs, translates into exceptional service and tangible results. Her inspiring leadership and commitment to professional ethics have solidified her team's reputation in the industry.

The Annie Morel Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker team places customer service at the heart of its concerns. Each team member is determined to understand the specific needs of their clients and to guide them at every step of the real estate process. Thanks to a personalized approach and unparalleled expertise, the team strives to make every real estate transaction smooth, transparent, and successful.

Whether it's for buying, selling, or leasing residential or commercial properties, the Annie Morel team offers its exceptional know-how. With Annie at the helm, every client can be assured of receiving professional, personalized service focused on the success of their real estate goals.

The Annie Morel Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker team: your trusted partner in the world of real estate, where expertise meets passion, and where customer service remains the utmost priority.

Annie Morel

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Annie Morel's career has soared to new heights since the establishment of her real estate broker team. As a team player, she has brought her contagious passion and expertise to an already successful group. Thanks to her inspiring leadership and ability to motivate others, the team has achieved exceptional results, standing out in the competitive real estate sector.

Legacy and Future

Annie Morel's legacy is not limited to her remarkable professional career. She is a woman who embodies passion, determination, and balance. Her commitment to excellence and her desire to see her clients and her team succeed will continue to inspire future generations.

As a passionate real estate broker, a caring mother, and a leader within the successful RE/MAX team, Annie Morel has made her mark in the world of real estate and beyond. Her journey continues to evolve, and every stage of her life is proof of her ability to turn dreams into reality, whether it's in the properties she sells or in the lives she touches.

Paula Trindade

Residential Real Estate Broker

Paula Trindade was born in France to Portuguese parents. She immigrated to Quebec in 2002 with her family to give them a better life. Therefore, she speaks Portuguese, which is her mother tongue, and later she learned Spanish at school.

After studying accounting and finance, she worked for several years in accounting in France, and then in Quebec. Subsequently, she worked as an event manager and led a team of employees. Wanting to take on new challenges, that's when the idea of becoming a residential real estate broker made its way.

Customer service is essential for Paula, which is why she makes her clients a priority. Advising and accompanying them in their projects is very important. Paula is very committed to supporting first-time buyers. She plays her role as a mother to perfection and is generous with advice for them. She also supports established families who have multiple real estate projects, both for sale and purchase.

With her dedication and exceptional skills, Paula is recognized for her listening skills and her service.

Jonathan Dazé

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

In 2007, Jonathan experienced his first foray into the real estate field by joining the Accès Condo team (a City of Montreal program facilitating property access for first-time buyers) as a sales representative. This rewarding experience motivated him to continue his journey to obtain his Real Estate Broker license in 2009.

The following years led him to project management and building management. During these years, he founded a company specialized in the field of services. The experience gained during this venture still follows him today in real estate and has allowed him to realize the enormous importance of outstanding personalized customer service.

In 2016, he started a certificate in urban and real estate management at Laval University. It was in the same year that he joined the large family of Keller Williams.

In 2021, he co-founded the Groupe Immobilier Lanaudière, which in just 2 years rose to become the #1 team in its agency. In search of new challenges, Jonathan made the decision in 2023 to return to his first love at Remax.

Audrey Mc Hugh

Residential Real Estate Broker

Audrey, a passionate new graduate, emerges in the world of real estate brokerage with an impressive background of over 7 years of experience in sales. Her professional journey speaks of someone who doesn't shy away from challenges but embraces them with enthusiasm. Her love for real estate and investments is palpable, fueled by an insatiable curiosity for this constantly evolving field.

Dynamic and motivated, Audrey embodies the contagious energy that propels projects towards success. She finds her true passion in customer service, viewing each interaction as an opportunity to forge strong and lasting connections with her clients. For her, every transaction is much more than just a deal; it's an opportunity to address the unique needs of each individual and guide them professionally through the often complex process of buying or selling real estate.

Audrey is more than just a real estate broker; she is a dedicated advisor, ready to put her skills, in-depth market knowledge, and commitment to her clients' goals at their service. With her, every client can be assured of receiving personalized service of the highest quality because for Audrey, client satisfaction is the ultimate measure of her professional success.

Chantal Joncas


Chantal is an exceptional professional who holds the position of assistant within our team. With more than six years of fruitful collaboration, she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company. Her commitment and skills have greatly contributed to our ongoing success. With an impressive experience of over 15 years in the field of real estate administration, Chantal brings in-depth expertise and a thorough knowledge of the sector. Her sharp understanding of the nuances of the real estate industry allows her to tackle challenges with creativity and find effective solutions. Equipped with a proactive attitude and a keen sense of organization, Chantal excels in managing complex administrative tasks. Her ability to coordinate projects, ensure transparent communication within the team, and anticipate future needs makes her a solid pillar within our organization. Chantal embodies the values of our company and continues to play a crucial role in our ongoing success. Her professionalism, experience, and passion make her an invaluable collaborator, and we are grateful to be able to rely on her expertise on a daily basis.