Spotlight on 2023’s Home Decor Trends

Spotlight on 2023’s Home Decor Trends

Every autumn, the upcoming year’s interior design trends are unveiled. It’s the ideal time to get inspired and create spaces that are perfectly up to date.

Which colour should you paint your walls? Which type of furniture should you buy? Which decor accessories are in vogue? It’s best to be aware of what is considered stylish at the moment to ensure your rooms look current! Here are a few ideas you can use as a jumping-off point.  

A Walk-in Pantry

Modern Kitchens will come with expansive pantries—as large as a bedroom’s walk-in closet! The point is to have enough space to store a good quantity of food all while being able to assess your inventory at a single glance. A very practical set-up! 

Nonetheless, one must have the square footage to create this type of pantry; it should not be constructed at the expense of the kitchen’s living area.

Wood, Now and Forever

A timeless material prized by designers everywhere, wood will continue to be present in our homes in 2023. Indeed, because wood is a such a versatile material and can be adapted to suit any trend, one can never get tired of it. In the coming years, blond, natural, and unstained wood will be the top choice, either as flooring, furnishings, or accessories.

Oversized Light Fixtures

Lights are high impact design elements. They can take centre stage or remain in the background and, in this case, contribute to a room’s overall ambiance. Both scenarios are possible in 2023; however, imposing statement light fixtures that act as the room’s focal point will be far more prevalent! 

Eco-Friendly Materials

The environment is not only a crucial issue; it is also central to our decors. There is an increasing preference for materials with a low carbon footprint, like recycled timber or hemp insulation batts.

The use of second-hand furniture and accessories will be prioritized when designing a room. There is likewise a growing trend for buying local and using of environmentally friendly paint, which contains far fewer chemical than standard products.

Plant Fibres

Plant-based materials are popular for furniture and accessories. Think a coiled rope rug, wicker baskets, a hemp frame, or linen curtains. This is, again, for environmental reasons. Additionally, these fibres complement the natural decor styles that are so popular right now.

Beige Walls

Zen and nature-inspired decors will be everywhere in 2023. While white has been the colour of choice for this type of look, it has now given way to a warmer, lower contrast tones.

Which is why walls and ceilings will be covered in beige instead, or even taupe. If you do opt for white, select a hue that has beige undertones. This detail will still have a big visual impact, without loosing white’s fresh minimalist feel.

Punches of Raw Materials

Terracotta, porcelain, ceramic, and concrete are everywhere. But take care: they should be used sparingly! These materials will most frequently be integrated into our decors in the form of accessories or accent furniture, such as a floor lamp, a decorative bowl, a countertop, or a living room table.

Curvaceous Furniture

Curves have been far more fashionable than straight lines for a few years now. Well, no more right angles in 2023: wavy outlines and eclectic looping patterns will invade our homes! Rounded and spherical shapes are the thing! Think placemats in the form of paint splatter, an irregularly shaped rug, or a vase with an undulating profile.


Don’t forget that you can mix and match trends and styles to create a decor that is truly your own!

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