How to Choose the Best Shower for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Shower for Your Bathroom

Would you like to revamp your bathroom by replacing the shower? Great idea! Especially if you are planning to put your property on the market sometime soon.


Be certain, however, to pick a model that corresponds to your needs and to your bathroom’s design. Here is our advice!

Shower Types

What to choose between a one-piece tub shower, a modular shower or a traditional shower? It can be hard to decide when you can’t tell the difference! Read on to learn about each type’s main characteristics and to get general idea of what sets each apart from the others:

·      A modular shower is installed in a corner of the room. It is relatively small and has rounded doors, which is a less trendy design. It does, however, take up very little space and is affordable—and these are major advantages!

·      A traditional shower is easily installed in a single piece, can fit into any room, and has an elevated base to contain the water. Some models have two glass walls for a smarter, lighter, and more current look. These panels can likewise be made of frosted plastic. The back walls are usually covered in ceramic or porcelain tiles.

·      A one-piece tub shower was the most common type of shower used in homes during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Its main advantage is its practicality: a bathtub and shower in one. It has a more massive structure than the other options but is simple to install. It can be paired with a fabric curtain or more attractive glass doors. What you choose will depend on your taste and budget.

Your Needs

The first step in making an informed decision is to compile a list of your needs. Answer the following questions to get started.

·      Will a senior be using this shower? If the answer is “yes,” know that a corner modular shower is more adapted to a person with reduced mobility.

·      How much space do you have? If the answer is “only a little,” not any type will do. For example, a large tub shower won’t fit into a tiny basement bathroom reserved for guests. Of course, no matter which model you opt for, remember that you must leave 30 inches of clearance in front of the shower door to make sure there is enough room to move around.

·      Do you want a contemporary style? If you are hoping to create a modern decor, a non-frosted glass door is the way to go. If you must use a shower curtain, choose one of good quality (thick) and textured black and white fabric, which will make for a more sophisticated room. For a modular corner shower, look for models with as many straight lines as possible.

·      How much time do you have to keep it clean? This is a very relevant question if you want a traditional shower with glass walls as these can quickly get caked in soap scum. You must wipe down the surfaces with a squeegee after every use to remove excess water. The caulking around the tiled interior walls can crack, peel, or discolour after only a few months. A white modular acrylic shower or tub shower, for its part, requires far less maintenance. 

Possible Upgrades

Sometimes, it’s the extra details that transform an ordinary shower into a home spa. You might install, for example, recessed lighting on the ceiling to create a relaxing atmosphere. Fully tiled Italian-type showers, where the shower floor is at the same level as the bathroom floor, are especially spectacular. A built-in bench for added comfort or integrated alcoves to stylishly store body wash and shampoo bottles can equally elevate the look and functionality of the shower.

Your Budget

If your budget is limited, a traditional shower or a modular shower—easy to transport and less expensive—is what is recommended even though they are not as attractive as the other models. And although a ceramic tile shower is prettier, the meticulous tiling does entail higher renovation costs. In either case, watch for sales and buy only when the price is right for you. 

We hope this article has been useful in helping you decide on the most appropriate product for your needs. Good luck with your shopping!

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